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Our services cover a vast number of different industries, including:

Legal Translation is not a simple task and demands very specialist knowledge and experience. At Perfect Translation we only work with qualified translators who have an established and proven background in the field of legal translation and interpreting. We understand the importance of getting legal translations right first time. An inaccurate translation can cause a great deal of confusion and represent an enormous cost. This is why we work hard to select the most appropriate translator with extensive knowledge of the legal field they work in. Peace of mind is guaranteed as we operate under strict confidentiality.



We achieve a consistently high standard in our financial translations by using only the most highly qualified translators and proofreaders who will either have an extensive background in the financial services industry or will have undergone specific financial translation training. Different specialisations within finance obviously have their own linguistic usage. We carefully assemble the most appropriate team of translators and editors for each document and client. This approach attains success in multi-disciplinary assignments such as translations of contracts, annual reports, marketing material etc...



IT & Engineering – At Perfect Translation, we understand the significance and magnitude of accurate technical translations, for this reason we have strict regulations with respect to project allocation. Perfect Translation has translational experts in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as other industry specialists. The technical documents we translate include technical manuals, users guides, system requirement documents, patents, installation instructions, service manuals, tender documents, technical training material, technical brochures, data sheets and more.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

When lives are at risk, there is no room for error, delay or poor communication. It's a given that medical translators and interpreters must be rigorous about translation quality and terminological accuracy, but we recognise an obligation that extends beyond technical translation accuracy. We strive to translate and interpret to the highest professional standards whilst making it clear and easy to understand, written with the intended audience in mind, whether patients, physicians or compliance officials.



Academic translation involves much more than the route conversion of terminology into another language. In order to produce a stylistically professional translation, an effective translator must be familiar with the discipline in question. Many of our translators are former or current academics. No matter how esoteric your field, you can rely on us to provide you with a precise and linguistically professional translation for all types of academia literature, ranging from PhD theses to lecture notes.


General translation/Interpreting

If you feel that your project is not encompassed within the above sectors then please contact us with your requirements and we will try to utilise our highly trained translators to your specifications. No matter the translation we will do our best to provide the utmost accuracy and professionalism whilst offering competitive prices and guaranteed satisfaction.



Language specialists include:

Arabic Japanese
English Korean
French Kurdish
German Mandarin

And many more...